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Independent Living Options:


Our supported and independent living service provides a full range of services which have been designed and developed to meet the aftercare needs of young people leaving care..

Increasing numbers of young people have more complex needs and are typically presenting with multiple problems, hence service provision to them needs to be flexible and responsive to those needs.

It is our aim to provide a supportive and positive environment enabling each young person to develop strong independent living skills so that they can make appropriate decisions in regard to their futures.

Cora Residential Care have  developed a unique supported and independent living service tailored to the individual needs of each young adult.

The young person may require 24hr care per day or 10hrs a week, all programs are individualized as per their needs.

In accordance with section 45 of the Child Care Act 1991, our aftercare services are available to care leavers up to their 21 st birthday


An aftercare assessment is carried out on all those accessing our services. This assessment is an important tool in enabling us to develop an individually tailored ''Preparation for & Leaving Care '' Plans, before discussing, finalizing and agreeing it’s contents with the young person concerned

Those leaving care need a range of practical supports including financial, accommodation, training, education, advice and information support.


Range Of Aftercare Services :


-Aftercare Needs Assessment

-Preparation for  & leaving care plan

-Leaving Care Plan

-Aftercare Accommodation

-Specific Need Support



Aftercare Needs Assessment


This assessment is carried out 6/5 months prior to the 18 th Birthday, It provides an assessment of the aftercare needs of  a young person referred to our service, and  is central to the provision and success of our aftercare service. The assessment is designed to highlight a young persons strengths while giving a good indication where he/she may benefit from training, experience, education or discussion. The assessment consists of a series of structured interviews with the young person, which are conducted by the assigned Aftercare worker. From this a preparation for leaving care or leaving care plan is developed and implemented. The assessment is completed at a pace that suit’s the young person concerned ,



Preparation for leaving care plan & Leaving Care Plan


Consist of an action plan designed to address a young persons unique aftercare preparation needs as highlighted in his/her  assessment.. The plan is constructed in parts as the young person completes each section of the assessment and is developed by an aftercare worker before being signed off by the young persons social worker and most importantly the young person concerned.


Specific Needs Support:


This service consists of support or assistance to those in our service upon request that relates to specific needs as they arise, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, family therapists.Cora Residential Care has a wide range of disciplines within our staff team, all of which our available to each young person within our service should the need arise.


Prospect Apartments


Cora Residential Care has 6 own door apartments based in the heart of Phisboro, Dublin 7.  These apartments are ideal for single mothers, and are also used  for our semi independent living program, as they are 2 bedroom, and provide space for care staff to stay.

The apartments are within walking distance of every possible amenity, and a walk to the city centre takes approx 20mins.

Please note that all bills are in the tenants name and they are fully responsible for their own bills., except on the semi independent program.



All Services to include :


-Social & Psychological Assessment

-Risk assessment

-Individual Mentoring on a one  to one basis

-24hr on call

-Emergency response

-Full reporting system in place

-Allocated Key Worker to each young person

-All programmes individually tailored to each young persons needs

-Access to all professional services provided by Cora Residential Care Staff as a priority

-Youth Worker Support



Independent Living Structured Programmes:


-Financial Advice & Assistance

-Career/ Further education Guidance

-Life Skills

-Leadership Skills

-Housing Training & Advice


-Personal Health

-Nutritional Support and Planning form our Dietitian

-Applying for jobs, Interview Skills, Professional Communication and letter writing Skills

-Computer & Internet Skills




Where appropriate we will work actively with the young person to encourage them into further education and employment, and it is Cora Residential Care' belief that both of these are vital to the confidence and success of a young person.


We continually aim to develop close links to the  Chamber of Commerce and with  local business  people, building on relationships within the community through a variety of networks. This is an important and vital resource tool of all those accessing our service.


Aftercare Team :


Our Aftercare team come form a diverse and wide range of cultures and professions. All our team are  fully trained in child protection TCI and First Aid. Our aftercare team are fluent in the following languages, English, Polish French & German.



How can a Social Worker make a Referral?


A Social worker can make an aftercare referral by completing an Aftercare referral Form .This referral form can be faxed or emailed to you directly by contacting the aftercare manager on  the  contact number above.



What Happens when a Social Worker has made a referral?


When a referral application is received , our aftercare team will review the application. If the application is accepted our aftercare team will make arrangements to attend part of the young persons next statutory care Plan Review with the aim to:


- Discuss in full the details of the aftercare services with both the young person and professional involved

- Ensure that the decision to engage with our aftercare service is noted in the young persons care plan






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