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Cora Residential Care offer a number of programs within our homes, which contribute to the overall effective care planning of each young person who resides with us.

Please see below a brief outline of the various programs available in both Dublin and Waterford



~ Therapeutic Program

~ Behavioral Program

~ Eating Disorders Program

~ Mother & Baby


Therapeutic Program


Our Therapeutic work involves offering sensitive insightful support to troubled children and their families in the midst of the turmoil of everyday life and amidst the anxiety, which this turmoil generates.


What we offer:





-Play therapy

-Art Therapy

-Addiction Counseling

-Speech and Language Therapy

-Music Therapy

-Life Skills Training


-Sports Therapy


Our assessing psychotherapists may suggest a number of sessions for the young person depending on their needs. Therapy sessions can be organized both in house and through external links of Cora Residential Care.


Behavior Program:


This is a specialized program aimed to curve the challenging behavior patterns of young children in our care. It is proven to be very effective and brings positive outcomes to challenging young people. It is based on  Skinner’s eight principles, which incorporates sanctioning the negative behavior and rewarding the positive behavior.


Mother & Baby:


Providing a smooth transition into independent living for both mother and child. This service aims to care for, educate and prepare young mothers for the journey and changes that lie ahead.

Further to assessment, the level of support  is agreed, which the young mother may need; this can vary form 24h support to a few days a week.An individual care plan is then developed together with the young mother outlining clear goals and aspirations, for the future.


Cora Residential Care has a number of properties, which are available to young mothers in the Dublin area. If the young person wishes to reside outside of Dublin, the team can seek appropriate accommodation


Eating Disorder Program:


It is known that many young people in care can have difficult relationships with food. There is very often a number of reasons for this, but most importantly recognizing the signs that something is wrong is crucial.

Observations around meal times are part of our home structure, and all meal planning is overseen by our Dietitian, Harriett Lynch. Engaging the young person with a dietician and counselor at the early stages of a problem, can very often stop the pattern progressing.

Cora Residential Care works closely with Lois Bridges Eating Disorders Treatment facility, which is registered with the Mental Health Commission of Ireland.  The multidisciplinary team based here provides all counseling, residential or day hospital services which may be required by young people in our care.


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