Cora Residential Care

2nd Floor, Harbour House, Harbour Road, Howth, Co Dublin



Mainstream Services  T: 086 243 1094

Disability Services T:  086 306 40 22

........All journeys must  begin with a single step


Cora Residential Care aims to provide the highest quality of care for children, adults and their families, in an environment in which they are heard and respected regardless of race, religion, ability or disability.


We believe only then can a safe, trusting and supported environment be created, for all those who engage with our services, creating a space for which each individuals aspirations, beliefs, challenges and difficulties can be viewed as positives and where goals and dreams can become a reality.



Our services are specifically tailored to meet each individuals needs. Comprehensive person centered placement plans and therapeutic packages are in place for all those  we care for.


The ability of any company to provide a high quality care service is dependent on those who deliver the service. We at Core are very proud of our staff team, and the dedication they share in delivering the best care possible to both clients and families.



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