Cora Residential Care

2nd Floor, Harbour House, Harbour Road, Howth, Co Dublin



Mainstream Services  T: 086 243 1094

Disability Services T:  086 306 40 22

........All journeys must  begin with a single step


Referrals to Cora Residential Care House are made by the child's allocated Social Worker. This referral form can be downloaded. It is necessary for a current care plan and needs assessment to be completed. Copies of all relevant reports must also be provided.


Upon receipt of the referral the Manager of  Cora Residential Care Residential Unit will convene a meeting with the child's social worker to discuss all aspects of the case. Following this a decision will be reached whether to accept the referral. The acceptance of the referral will be subject to availability of a suitable placement and if it is deemed that Stepping Stones House is the best placement option for this young person.


The young person and their family are then permitted to visit the Cora Residential Care  House. Staff will be available to give information on the unit and to answer any questions or concerns they may have. A Statutory care Plan Meeting is Convened. The aims and objectives of the placement are agreed on and the Induction period for the young person will be discussed.


Referral Criteria


Children and Young people must be aged between 12 and 17 years of age at the time of admission. In exceptional circumstances a child younger than 12 may be placed in Stepping Stones Residential unit, if it is deemed in their best interests.





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