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Cora Residential Care Services offers long-term community based residential placements for young people who, for a variety of reasons cannot live with their natural families. The unit caters for young people between the ages of 12-17 on admission. In exceptional circumstances children younger than 12 may be cared for.

Our residential units are based in Dublin and Waterford, and have the capacity for 4 young people at any one time.

We endeavour to offer the highest standards of care in a domestic setting to each resident. Cora Residential Care adopts a holistic approach to care; each young person’s placement plan is updated on a monthly basis and covers all areas of their physical and psychological needs.

It is recognized that each young person has a variety of needs and the staff are fully responsive to the individual's physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional needs. Parents, guardians and any significant third parties are encouraged to actively engage in a young person's care placement and all appointments and accesses are fully facilitated by the team within Cora Residential Care.


Young people only have one chance to make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood and deserve to be appropriately supported to make this transition, facilitating them to become independent, self sufficient, confident young adults. Failure to do so will blight their lives indefinitely.


Cora Residential Care has developed the Pathways program which aims to  create a positive through care culture and approach where young people are prepared and clear plans made well in advance of them turing 18.


Our program is based on a Scottish model of care provision, which has proven to be highly successful for this client group. It provides an intensive, comprehensive and thorough approach to leaving care. The program is lead by a multidisciplinary team and covers 8 core elements within 3 sections:


- My Pathways Views

- Pathways Assessment

- Pathway Plan


It follows a highly structured and intensive format which is not suited to all young people, however for those who have demonstrated an ability to move forward in their care provision and have shown the maturity, ability and a genuine enthusiasm for their future direction, Pathways will empower them to live independently as part of the community and to have a successful and positive influence on society.


The pathways program is available in all our residential homes. A regular review of each individuals pathway plan will take place in conjunction with all relevant parties in order to address any emerging needs and map progress to date.



Our Mission  " To empower young people with the skills, knowledge and tools required to live independently as part of the community.





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